Ramadan Kareem

What goes up must come down; a quote representing the laws of gravity by Issac newton could well be applied to more mundane situations in our daily lives, most so in the context of rising temperatures which went up almost to a 50 + C in the last few weeks.

Home real estate prices on the contrary have been on the slide, with a recent study reporting a slide of 6.1 percent in Dubai’s house prices, bringing a reason to cheer for many who were hoping for real estate prices to come down for a while now.


Buying a home is perhaps one of life’s most cherished dreams and requires substantial investment of time, planning and efforts. With Dubai fast becoming a hub for a mixed use multi-purpose developments by some well-respected local and global developers, it is a definitive opportunity to consider investing into your dream home.  As with any investments, we tend to need the comfort of being protected against unexpected situations. In this issue we focus on Home Insurance by RSA, offering you insights into the many possibilities that a home owner could avail to ensure their dream home remains protected.  

Talking of protection, this month we update you on our Safer Roads/Safer UAE initiative in association with Porsche Roadster initiative and also an update on our sponsorship for the very first Porsche Centre Dubai Golf Tournament, which was a roaring success.

The advent of the holy month of Ramadan brings with it a certain cultural charm and respect for local traditions and customs, giving all of us the opportunity to introspect and welcome newer experiences and changes in life ahead.  As the newest member of the ThinkRSA team, it is both a privilege and a challenge to evolve the ThinkRSA platform into a much bigger engagement initiative, offering a wider variety of stories to you.  As we embark on this change, would like to thank each one of you for your continued support, and I promise to deliver an all new Think RSA experience in the months to come by.

Meanwhile as the mercury shows no respite of cooling down, we hope the holy month of Ramadan and with its reduced office working hours, followed by Eid holidays and celebrations lift our spirits up. As with all things in life, things change for better and we are hoping cooler weather prevails perhaps by the time we meet next.

Ramadan Kareem and here’s wishing you and your family Eid Mubarak in advance. 

Vidya Veerapandian
Editor, Team ThinkRSA