Educate Your Customer to Secure Your Home

Let’s face it - there are certain things in life one can never be prepared for.

Losing a passport in a foreign country, being involved in a car accident or recovering from the fact that your house was set ablaze are not unheard of and can happen to anyone. Such unfortunate events can prove to be very costly and measures should be taken wherever possible, to ensure one is protected from such adversities.

Investigations are still going on as to what caused the fire at the JLT Tamweel Tower, Sharjah Al Hafeet Tower and the most recent Dubai Marina Torch Tower – but the fact is, the damage is already done.

As expatriates living in the UAE, our customers keep all their prized possessions in their home – gadgets, jewellery, wardrobe, important papers and documents, memories; the list goes on. It’s important we join hands in educating our customers on the importance of getting Home insurance to avoid such mishaps.

We have compiled some of the benefits you can give your customers for them to think about home insurance:


  • The contents of their home and their personal possessions are protected under home insurance.
  • They get free of cost accidental damage cover for all home contents and buildings.
  • They can get temporary emergency accommodation or loss of rent compensation if their current home does not permit them to live there due to the hazards caused.
  • They can avail a sizeable amount of cover for their domestic help, in case the customer is liable for any expenses associated with their health resulting from working at their home.
  • A new for old cover ensures damaged items can be replaced with new ones.
  • All locks can be replaced for free if your customers have home insurance, in case they are locked out of their house.
  • They are covered for any breakages and damage while moving homes within the UAE.
  • Their liability as a tenant is also covered under the right insurance plan.

A market penetration of no more than 3% is clear indication that Home Insurance is not a priority for most expats; this is our opportunity to educate our customers together.  At RSA, for as little as AED 21 per month, you can insure your customers and give them peace of mind whether they are at work or away on holiday.

Speak to our partner proposition team for more details and we will be glad to support you support your customers to avoid such unforeseen circumstances.